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Discussion on: 5 reasons why scrum/agile is not working for you! From the view of an developer

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Gonçalo Graças

From my honest pov, the silent listeners should be kept away from the meetings they are not intended to attend. Why?
1-infosec is a thing, if not
2-if that person has no active role in the meeting, then just no. Time is money
3-as you said, the team should be able to discuss design decisions without the product owner there to throw the 10 cents.

On the same note, there seems to
be a lot of small issues to take care of in your company. The fact that a developer has to wait 6h to report an issue does not seem to me like a problem in the methodology, but more like a problem in the work dynamics (unless the methodology itself it's imposed by the PO).

I also understand that these symptoms arise in medium/large companies and it can be quite tricky to overcome them. That is why, having had my own share of big companies, I still prefer the small ones :)

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Just to make it clear: This is not from one single company. These are things I have seen at least 2 companies.

I worked with startups where we were 6 people to companies where the dev team alone was 50 people.

Since scrum/agile is part of "work dynamics" yes it is part of it ;)

Speaking about your points:
1) Only your own people should be in any meeting anyway
2) You don't know how much money I have seen burn in meetings in companies ;) If I would just get 10% of that money I would not have to work anymore at all
3) Yes PO's sadly tend to speak to much ;)

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