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re: My cheap and underpowered laptop at home has 8 GB of RAM. Developers seem to usually think that that's too little these days, but it can run easily...

Damn. Can't believe you're getting this kind of performance on your machine with Windows 10. Any specific tweaks you've done? Mine is 4y/o with 8GB RAM and Core i5-5200U. I don't get anywhere near that kind of performance.

The only specific thing I've really done is - I don't use it for anything other than development. I don't install or run anyting for any function other than writing code and running it

Exactly! People seem to forget that there "may" be other things running on the computer, not just our IDEs. Except if we make it only run our IDEs and runtime environments (say, browsers) then things aren't so bad.
My (macOS) machine has plenty of RAM which is mostly used by my non-development related apps, almost all of which are Electron based because I don't like using different tooling when I use Windows. When I do run Windows, which is in a VM configured for 8GB of RAM, I only run development stuff and what-do-you-know, no problems with memory.

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