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Discussion on: On Developer Fetishes

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I don't disagree with your views re: language and framework, and I do find a bit funny the "JS Frontend wars", the "editor wars", etc. On the other hand, I think many of us spend time customising our terminals, our editors or learning the quirks and discovering the cool shortcuts or limitations of a language for a few good reasons.

A more comfortable, for yourself, coding environment makes work less of a chore. The same way you choose your chair, or lighting, the same way you choose your terminal prompt and colourscheme, the editor that you know the best and sit to work with the language you are better at. Using the colourscheme that is easier on my eyes makes sense, and using syntax highlighting makes me work faster. Of course a text editor or a terminal or a framework does not define me, but setting it up the way I prefer, does help me.

I do understand that, especially those new to development, will find excitement in setting up the simple things and might get overjealous, but it usually fades out and most will eventually settle with the configurations they like the most.