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Discussion on: Laravel ORM vs Query Builder vs SQL: SPEED TEST!

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Lito • Edited

There are not difference between Query Builder and SQL query because Query Builder is only a query generator, and generate a string using an object is not a hard work. Both methods returns same result.

But ORM is more than a query builder, every database result is hydratated with the model, then you have a collection with 1000 Article models instead a collection of 1000 plain objects.

You can do same test with Query Builder and SQL with hydrate methods:


$articles = Article::with('user')
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Query Builder

$articles = DB::table('articles')
    ->join('users', 'articles.user_id', '=', '')

$articles = Article::hydrate($articles); 
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$articles = Article::fromQuery("select * FROM articles JOIN users ON articles.user_id = limit 1000");
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Hesam Rad Author

You're right... After all using ORM is much more cleaner and maintainable but I had this question in mind for a long time and I wanted to answer it myself and share the results.
BTW, I didn't know about hydrate. What a neat idea!
Cheers buddy.