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Discussion on: Why isn’t mainstream Linux available for mobile?

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I think the major obstacles are on the OEM side. On amd64 or i386, the details of the hardware are actually disclosed. However, due to how it is working on arm devices, I don't think the hardware details could be revealed other than being released by OEM itself. e.g. SONY does that.

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Akash Kava Author

Hmm but would it be that hard to monitor how it operates and figure out drivers?

Also once there is momentum, OEMs might release drivers if they see the scope. Currently they aren’t doing just because there is no action.

There are many website where ARM specs are made open by individual contributors.

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littlephone • Edited

Well, it is quite hard for third-party developer to figure out how to work with the driver because of the large number of handsets available around the market and each variant has it's own drivers even if they are being powered by the same SoC. Those drivers are just out of tree and too hard to be put back into mainline without efforts.

They won't release the code because they don't think it's profitable. When people could update their devices and keep them longer, manufacturers will have a reduction on sales on their phones. It's all about money.

Yes, but even if they have common specs, the source code are still varies because they are being modified by "Google first, then SoC OEM, then manufacturer" stack.