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Discussion on: Top Tips for FREE Cross-Browser Testing

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Liviu Lupei

Libraries are free.

Cloud solutions which involve a lot of resources aren't free.

I always investigate closely if something is advertised as being "free".

I don't know if you follow the news, but the company behind the Robinhood trading app got a huge $65M fine because they made false advertisement, claiming that their trading app is completely free, without any commissions.

It turns out they were actually increasing the prices of the stocks that users would buy and users ended up paying more than they would have paid if they just used other solutions that charged commissions.

Here is the article.

In other cases, that "free" package is only there so the company can get more users and flood them with marketing emails.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch

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Kyle Luke

No, but beginner Devs who are learning to create well rounded projects, or want to learn by creating an open source project may not have the budget for paid services when there are free options. That is why I wrote this blog post, and am open to additional resources that are similar to those I have included. I was hoping to not turn this blog post into yet another LambdaTest promotional post, but rather to introduce new devs with learning options.