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Discussion on: I'm the community engineer on the Glitch team at Fog Creek, ask me anything!

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Lizzie Siegle

What projects or experiences prepared you to be a community engineer? What was your biggest obstacle? What's been your favorite thing to do at Fog Creek?

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jenn schiffer Ask Me Anything

i think that being active on social media (ie. twitter) prepared me for connecting to a large user base in tech, which is essential to my current role. doing consulting for a few years has taught me how to work with many different kinds of people - even in different roles like dev, designer, marketing, product, c-level, etc. my biggest obstacle as a woman in tech with a web presence, essentially a requirement for my job, is targeted harassment. i had a really bad time with this once and i had to stay silent about it and it was probably one of the hardest parts of my career.

my favorite thing to do at fog creek is hang out with my coworkers. we're mostly remote but we recently had an off-site, regularly meet weekly on zoom together, and i mentor one of my remote coworkers by working on a cool side project app. it's refreshing how i get to work with all of them even though many of them are not on my team.

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