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I gotta say this all sounds insane to me. In Britain most of the first contact will come from a recruitment consultant. One of the questions they will ask is how much you would like to earn. Obviously you are going to add a few thousand on top of your existing salary or why bother moving.

This saves you being sent for jobs that arn't paying enough. Recruitment consultants will still try to send you for jobs paying less than that because they really only care about commission.

When meeting with the company they will ask what I am currently on. I add all the financial value of all benefits to my salary and add a few thousand on top of that. They will normally offer enough over that to make it worth my while and stop counter offers from my existing company.

When I have been recruiting, if someone evaded answering a simple question like how much money they are currently earning they certainly would not be on the recruit pile!


I've done my fair share of recruiting, but generally I just ask people how much they'd like to make now, their current salary is of little importance to me.


Fair point, I usually leave that to the HR person I am interviewing with. Either way, if we got an evasive answer like the ones above we would probably just pass on that person completly.

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