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SpringBoot + PostgreSQL CRUD using Spring JPA tutorial

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SpringBoot + PostgreSQL CRUD using Spring JPA tutorial

How to integrate SpringBoot and PostgreSQL? It is the one of most common questions for developers. So in the post, I will help you to try it with Spring JPA. Here is a to do list for the tutorial:

  • Overview of Project Structure
  • Create SpringBoot with Spring Data JPA and PostgreSQL dependencies
  • Configuration SpringBoot to connect to PostgreSQL
  • Define a data model to map with table's columns in PostgreSQL database
  • Define a JPA Repository to do CRUD operations
  • Use CommandLineRunner to excute above JPA Repository APIs: save, retrieve, update, detele entities

To do the tutorial, you need prepare Java >= 1.8, Spring Tool Suite in local computer for development.

Let's go !

Video Guide

SpringBoot Project Overview

[caption id="attachment_56" align="alignnone" width="378"]Overview-How-to-Integrate-Springboot-2.x-with-PostgreSQL-using-Spring-JPA Project Overview How to Integrate Springboot 2.x with PostgreSQL using Spring JPA[/caption]

In the SpringBoot application, we use Spring JPA to connect and manipulate the data between Application and PostgreSQL database. We define a repository to do CRUD operations (save, retrieve, update, delete) with entities. And for mapping the data between Spring Application with database table's columns, we define a model class.

Create SpringBoot Project

We use Eclipse that had integrated with SpringToolSuite to create a SpringBoot project. Remember we need add 2 dependencies Spring Data JPA and PostgreSQL driver.

Checking pom.xml file we see the needed dependencies as below:

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SpringBoot + PostgreSQL CRUD using Spring JPA tutorial

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