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Jose Cartin
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Starting path to be Front-end Developer as Junior.

Since I start to learn the path to be a Front-end Developer just to improve my personal skill about it. I get comfortable using Git, Visual Studio Code and the terminal haha.

I am a Junior Developer on this time, what that mean, I'm just in time to focus all my energy to learn stuff to gonna be part of my future as Developer.

In my actual job, my duties are about to DBA stuff, resolving issues about database (I really love it), maintain ours SQL Server with a nice energy to keep running smoothly with lowest issues in each one. But recently I want something else to do, some new fields that are unknown to me, so I decide to start learning some Front-End tech.

What is to be a DBA in a Front-end tech ?

Since I start I saw all kind of frameworks, librarys and so on. I choose to focus all my attention to one of the mayor JavaScript frameworks at this moment, develop and maintain for Google, Angular.

Is easy with a little time and effort, you get all things to make some basics front-end stuffs using that framework. I hear that React is more lightweight but, for now, first Angular.


Just take some courage and learn something new that make you proud of what you do and what learn and study more and more until you feel comfortable with the new technology.

See you later.

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this is great 😍👌❤