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Lorna Watson
Lorna Watson

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Single or multi page dev portfolio website?

I've recently (as of less than an hour ago) updated my portfolio site from being a multi-page site to a single page with the reason being I felt I didn't have enough content to warrant the extra space after a lot of thought. I then began wondering if there is an industry standard. I've seen my fair share of portfolio sites but I can't say for sure which layout I've seen most.

What are your thoughts? - Do you have a portfolio site with a few pages or single? Why is that?

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Jacob Hilker • Edited on

Personally, I use Hugo for my website, and it's kind of a mix of both. I use the actual pages in my projects directory (content/projects) just for setting up how it looks on the portfolio page, such as the percent done I have, source language, etc. Tomorrow I can get a better example of what my content directory looks like and my actual portfolio page (though the two projects I've featured are still in progress while I finish out my final semester).

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Lorna Watson Author

Nice! I've not used Hugo before but heard really good things about it. I'd love to check your site out!