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Self-development and motivation focus outside of work 💪

I’ve been actively spending the majority of my spare time, about a year, working on side projects outside of work. I do this because I came to realise that my self development is a priority is a developer, and that being in the tech industry it’s important to learn and improve skills continuously. At times I can feel overwhelmed because there is so much out there and to learn, but for the most part I’m passionate, motivated and I love the work I do. Looking back when I didn’t code in my spare time, I really don’t know what I did instead 😂 - I’m sure people say that when they have kids?!

I don’t have a routine or manage my time per say, it’s different for everyone. If I feel like doing it, I do and if not I don’t kick myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Previously in another job role as a software dev I became very unhappy, unmotivated and bored. I wasn’t getting enough exposure to new tech and not learning anything new. This was the big kick in the bum for me to do something about it. I decided it was time to leave, but a few months before I did I decided to delve into a side project I was really interested and excited to do. I used the tech stack that I wasn’t getting enough exposure too and became confident with it. 💪🏼

That was really the start of prioritising my self-development. So like a year later, I have a few side projects on the go - all at various stages and completed my portfolio site!

I absolutely love programming and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 👩🏻‍💻 With working full time and other commitments, I like to spend a few hours a day at least working on side projects. I usually have the one day off on the weekend. It’s addictive, it’s hard to stop... Especially when the work is super interesting and exciting! Keeps your brain ticking and I love a challenge.

Something I do want to work on though is managing my time better. ⏰

Thanks for reading.

Do you spend time outside of work on side projects? And if so how do you manage it? Appreciate any feedback! ☺️

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