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Discussion on: Does your team conduct tech interviews as collaborative coding sessions? If so, what software/techniques are you using?

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Jonathan Carter Author

Thanks for sharing! Out of curiosity: is the use of tmux/vim based on the fact that that's what many folks on the team use? And therefore, that provides a realistic impression of what collaboration on the team would actually look like?

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Victor Schröder

I'm a vim user myself, but most of the team doesn't use it on a daily basis (but they all passed through the same interview process). The choice of using tmux/vim/AWS is based on several factors. The remote pairing environment is terribly simple to setup like this in virtually any programming language (we have a polyglot ecosystem here). Familiarity with the Linux command line is imperative for us, so that's another strong reason. Also, I want to hire real developers, people who can think software, not superusers of an specific IDE. Taking the candidate out of the comfort zone helps to reveal that.