Explain container orchestration like i'm five

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Hi everyone,

After a little more than 3 months internship, i have to do my report. I know what is container and orchestration but i'm really bad at explain it. So explain me container orchestration like i'm five !

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So like a 5y you want us to do your homework? Sure 🤓 Let's presume you like Lego, because engineering ...

The blueprint
You and your brothers have worked for many days and made a "super fancy mega construction".


You want to teach your cousins that live in other country to build the exact same "super fancy mega construction".

Old way
Back in the days you had to draw the instructions on a piece of paper, take the paper and go to your cousins, help them read and build the construction.

To scale on horizontal (make more copies) you have to go to all your family and teach them.

Better way
The robotic arms were invented and now your cousins can put them to construct, after they receive the blue prints.

To scale on horizontal (make more copies) they need to buy more robots.

SF way
Someone invented the Star Trek replicator, now you can scan the "super fancy mega construction" and upload the blueprint into the internet, your cousins can use their replicator to print the construction.

To scale on horizontal (make more copies) you just press a button.

"super fancy mega construction" - the product
"lego bricks" - containers
"you and your brothers" - the dev and devops team
"cousins" - a remote team, outsourcing or whatever
"cousinds house" and "your house" - cloud or hosting

"old way" - bash deployment scripts
"better way" - chef, puppet, ansible
"SF way" - kubernetes, docker swarm, terraform, cloudFormation

I haven't gone into details (master, workers etc), I kept it simple because you it's #likeim5


Thanks for your reply!
My homeworks is almost done but i'm always looking for new ways to explain things that i know. I really like this explanation and maybe i'll use it to explain container orchestration to the new students i'm in charge.


Sure, this one covered the history,if I have time I'll make one for the internals/actors.

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