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Discussion on: Serverless Framework vs SAM vs AWS CDK

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Lou (🚀 Open Up The Cloud ☁️)

Yo Sebastian, nice write up!

When I was getting into this whole area, understanding the differences between the frameworks was a challenge (I did a write up back then, too), and they're not entirely direct competitors which makes it a bit tricky. I never got into Serverless Framework... as you say jumping between custom configurations and CloudFormation feels weird and clunky. I've enjoyed using SAM recently, but also for the out-of-the-box local dev set up. I've still not yet jumped into CDK so far, but I keep hearing great things, so maybe it's time to stop pushing it down my priorities list!

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Sebastian Bille Author

Thank you Lou! 🙌

You should! If nothing else, it broadens the horizon and I enjoyed playing around and learning it since it's a quite different approach to the challenges!