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Discussion on: Which AWS Region Is Cheapest? A Costing Report

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Lou (🚀 Open Up The Cloud ☁️) Author

Hey Vinay!

a. yep, definitely could see some increased latencies, that's your trade-off!

b. I'm no expert in data-transfer costs, but it depends on what, and how much you're transferring and between where, the cost calculator has options for data transfer, so you can get a ball park: my experience has been that estimating costs is difficult, and the best bet is to run some hands-on tests as soon as possible to see what results you get, but that's always skewed by economies of scale (cheaper, yay!) and also when you bust through free tier amounts (more expensive, boo!).

c. definitely, a victim of the compliance here, gotta do what they say...

I also published this recently, which might also be useful to you

You might also find this infographic useful as a high-level:

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

This does help, Lou. I figured point a would be a trade-off but now I'm more certain.

Point b is indeed tough to estimate but AWS cost explorer helps navigate it. Data transfers can be reduced within VPC & similarly for S3 (where significant data flows in/out). This should help more on the latter.

Being compliant as per point c is tough, remaining so is even more. :D

The infographic/your blog to find the optimum AWS region is the proverbial cherry on the cake, cheers 🍒 🍻