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Hi everyone! My name is Lou and I came to a realization about 3wks ago that I dislike my current career path and coincidentally read an article about becoming a software engineer in 9months. I was hooked. I must admit that I was always intrigued with programming but assumed that it's only for smart people and I would never understand it. Tomorrow (Oct. 15)I will be joining Thinkful's Full Stack Flex program and hope that I land a job after the program. I don't know which language I will be diving into yet, but I think I'm leaning towards JavaScript.

I currently live in Portland, OR and I'm super ecstatic and grateful to have found and soon join a career with an unbelievably supportive community. I like the idea of mostly working remotely with an option of reporting to an office environment for building rapport and human interaction. I like people and being cooped up at home most of the time is not my thing.

I'm looking forward to this journey and dev.to is a great resource. Thank you!


Welcome Lou. I am new myself here too, but of course we are smart people lol.

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