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I use the following on ArchLinux and Debian:

  • Redshift or Xflux: as someone previously said, it's so much better for your eyes
  • Emacs: I can use it without a X server, through SSH, and it has a plugin for everything you can think of
  • i3: Because tiles. I know it might seem quite hard to use at first, but once you learned the few main shortcuts OMG IT'S SO FAST AND USEFUL
  • dpg as my main password manager : It doesn't stores anything, you don't need to copy/paste your keys when you reinstall your OS and there is an Android Client
  • ZSH with oh-my-zsh: Oh my ZSH makes a very good use of ZSH's power, once you tried it you won't use another shell configuration
  • Chromium or Vivaldi as a browser
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