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Discussion on: I spent 30 years coding full-time, then I switched to full-time management and leadership. Ask me anything.

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Lorenzo Pasqualis Ask Me Anything

You are not being rude at all.

  • I switched to management because I wanted to grow my area of influence. I loved writing code, but there is only so much code I can write with my own hands. As a leader of engineers, I can now scale my efforts. I also switched because I wanted to learn more about people.
  • No, never got tired of it.
  • I am satisfied with the switch, and it was the right time for me. I had to be 100% sure that I wanted it, and it took me this long to get to that point. It is different for everyone, so you kind of know when you are there. If you are not sure, it is probably too early.
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Gabriel Guzman

I wanted to grow my area of influence.

Definitely this. I'm currently making the switch to management and this is one of the primary factors that drove my decision. I feel like I have a lot to offer at the team level (I'm currently a technical lead) but that I'll be able to help even more people in a full-time management role.