9 Tips and Tricks for Chrome Dev Tools

Laura Weatherhead on December 30, 2018

Chrome is increasingly not just a browser of choice, but also a powerful development tool in its own right. New features are regularly introduced... [Read Full]
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Didn't know about 2,3, & 4. Thanks! Augury for angular and redux devtools are also great!


Ahh awesome, I'll have to try Augury out next time I am tinkering in Angular - thanks! :)


I never use performance feature, nice tips, very useful. Thanks


I didn't know all but 3 of those but these are extremely useful and handy! Just hope I remember them when I need them πŸ˜†

Thank you!


Haha, yes that’s always the cinch of it isn’t it - remembering them! Hope they come in useful for you :)


Haha! No worries πŸ˜› thought I would just throw it on in there πŸ˜‡

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