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Lucas Bustamante

A while ago I released Modern WordPress Website (MWW), a small MVC framework for WordPress development, which aims to provide a Laravel-like experience, with all the power of the WordPress ecosystem.

Modern WordPress Website is looking for contributors and beta testers, help us bring WordPress to modern development standards.

If you have any questions or comments, ask here and I'll answer.

Luc45 / ModernWordPressWebsite

Modern WordPress Website (MWW) is a modern way of building WordPress websites.

About Modern WordPress Website

Modern WordPress Website (MWW) is a modern way of building WordPress websites.
Simple and powerful, it's a great skeleton to bootstrap a new WordPress project.

  • MVC in WordPress.
  • Simple route engine with native WordPress functions.
  • Modern, yet simple PHP.
  • PSR-4 Autoloading.
  • Integrated with Acceptance, Functional, Integration and Unit tests (Thanks to Luca Tume, from wp-browser)
  • Installs as a mu-plugin

Modern WordPress Website (MWW) is great for experienced PHP developers using WordPress, and for intermediate developers who want to take their skills to the next level.

Building a Small Project

Click to watch on YouTube

(Click to watch on YouTube)


Modern WordPress Website is installed as a mu-plugin. This way we intercept WordPress requests at an earlier stage and have more control over the application.

To get started, simply follow these steps in a clean WordPress installation:

  • Run git clone wp-content/mu-plugins in the root folder of a clean WordPress installation