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Discussion on: React: thoughts from an Angular developer

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Lucas Otaño Author

Hi @r_lefela , thanks for your comment!
I think that there isn't a "best frontend framework", "best backend language ever", "best database", etc. It always depends on your needs and project requirements and context. I will give you some examples based on my personal opinion:

  • You already have a mobile app built on RN and you need a web app -> I'd probably choose React over Angular, your developers already have knowledge in React, why would you go with Angular (Also if you hire new developers, you'll have to teach them both technologies)
  • You have to create an application with a lot of big entities and complicated routing, etc, I'd probably got with Angular because of TS.
  • You have to create a simple website or an application with a lot of user interaction, real time data changing all the time, etc, I'd probably go with React.

What I mean is that there isn't a magic general answer for everything in my opinion, you as a developer have to find the best tool for the job.

I hope this was useful for you!