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re: I can definitely say that vim or emacs or any other text editor like that is not for everyone. I've been pretty well into vim almost since I start...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I see your point, it's fun to hack emacs or vim and do stuff. It's so simple, we don't really need anything else. But some plugins like easymontion can help us to do a better job when moving between lines of code, maybe you should give it a try.

Hey I see you have a configuration for something It looks like a todo list integrated with your terminal or tmux maybe, I'd like to know what it is please.


Yeah! wtf is a terminal-based dashboard utility. It has modules that you can place in boxes in the terminal, ones I use most are the todo list and git integration (both tracking a local repo and tracking pull requests on other repos). Its configuration is just a grid, so you just say what rows and columns something will take up, how much space to give each row and column, and there you go.

For a todo list it's a bit eh, there's no priority or date markings you can integrate with, but it's good for just a list of stuff. You can reorder it though.

You can integrate it with lots of different things as well like Google calendar and weather, basically I wanted something to put next to my web browser in a workspace and it fit that role perfectly for me.

And as a note, I found out about it from hacker news

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