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How to Create a Convex Bottom AppBar in Flutter

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Hello and welcome to my post about Flutter Package Testing. Each week I will test another package published under If you want to see the first post of this series head over to How to validate Emails in Flutter.

Convex Bottom AppBar

This week's widget is a UI Widget to bring your AppBar experience to a new level. The Convex Bottom AppBar widget made you create - who guessed it - a bottom appbar for your flutter app. The widget provides you with a fast to implement appbar and seven predefined styles.

The purpose

In nearly every app you have multiple screens. By providing your users a better experience, you need a fast way to change between the most important pages in your app. This is often been solved by using a bottom-appbar. Using the Convex Bottom AppBar, you got this feature out of the box including animation and style adjustment using predefined styles.

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