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What is ServiceNow?

The Cloud computing platform has become a buzzword in the IT industry over the past decade. There is nothing auspicious that 70% of the IT companies today run on the cloud computing platform. There are are many vendors like google, amazon in providing the top cloud services to the people. In the previous articles of this blog, I have shared with you the details of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Today in this article, ill be sharing with you the details of ServiceNow. Read the complete article to get the details of this cloud management.

Before know about this cloud management, let us have an initial look at its definition

ServiceNow is a cloud computing ticketing tools that process the user request and catalogs the customer request.

How ServiceNow Came into existence?
Once upon the time, there was a situation, where the enterprises were struggling with emails and spreadsheets to communicated and solve the IT issues. Then ServiceNow came into existence with the capability to service and redirect the issues within the team by providing an efficient system than emails as well as spreadsheets.

What is ServiceNow?
It is a cloud-based automation platform that enables enterprise organizations to improve operational efficiency by streamlining and automating routine work tasks. Here in this tool, the user can raise a request that deals with the incidents, changes, problems, and other services. This ticketing tool suits best in various areas like IT, Security, Hr Service Delivery, Customer Service Desk, and the business applications This Cloud-based platform works based on ITIL guidelines. Today Moreover.this tool focus on service orientation towards the tasks, activities, and processes. Besides, this cloud platform uses machine learning to improve the data and workflows that help the modern enterprise becomes faster and more scalable.

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It offers flexibility.power and dependability to achieve goals of the incident and problem management. Besides, it allows users to select the most comfortable user interface. And also, these tools provide the information to the technician to diagnose as well as repair the issues This cloud computing platform has created its roots in ITSM since 2012. Today it has created a niche as a cross-departmental platform that functions as an enterprise cloud solution that is built on the top of all the other applications. And its ability to create workflows that automate the process of data extraction makes its unique offerings in today's cloud space. Today, ServiceNow has become an integrated cloud solution that combines all these services in a single system of record.

Today this full-fledged enterprise service management (ESM) platform is capable of providing the unique ability to provide the single window of visibility across all of them. Moreover, ServiceNow offers an app store that offers a suite of certified third-party tools to makes its products more and more accessible.

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What are the ServiceNow products?
ServiceNow platform has several different products. Some of them were:

Information Technology Service Management(ITSM):
Information Technology Service Management is a set of workflows and tools for optimally developing, delivering, and managing IT services. It is used to handle the incidents, service requests, problems as well as the changes.

Information Technology Business Management(ITBM):
ITBM is a set of workflows and tools for optimally developing, delivering, and managing the business services through an IT-focused lens. The goal of ITBM is to help organizations more comprehensively understood how their technology relates to the business goals, strategies as well as needs. ITBM comprises of project portfolio management/ strategic portfolio management, Resource as well as demand management, Risk management, change management, application portfolio management, operations, and finance management

Customer Service Management:
Customer Service Management (CSM ) is a set of workflows and tools for optimally overseeing and tracking all interactions with business customers. The goal of CSM is to comprehensively manage the customer experience (CX), regardless of the engagement channel (or) interaction type. In some cases, CSM is also known as Customer Experience Management. This CSM focuses on automating the common task to make the customer experience feel effortless as well as seamless. It connects the departments, workflows, and systems to proactively resolve the issues before the customer contact

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