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re: Please do, it would be awesome if someone could debunk them and prove Ada to be superior after all their hot air :) Hehe. Do you think though the...

Hehe. Do you think though there is no substance there? From my superficial reads they get rid of a whole class of errors with the "ownership" idea. Although I don't really grasp the implications yet.

I have no idea, I've only really checked on the whole syntax of the language and it's not for me. But they do have this arrogance going on basically saying that everything should be rewritten in Rust and whenever you mention something they say "Rust has that" and then you find that it's in the library, not the language.

Anyway, I would consider Java instead of Ada mostly for reasons of libraries/community, rather than the language itself.

This is why we need more people working on libs for Ada, so people pick Ada rather than something else.

As for the tooling/libs on Java, yeah, they have loads, but Sun paid universities and company's millions for them to use the language. Plus, forcing everything into a class is coming back to bite them, this is why I think so many people are jumping on the FP bandwagon, there'll come a time when people think forcing everything into a function is bad.

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