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Discussion on: Releasing package/library into production?

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Ahmad Ra'fat Author • Edited on

Thank you guys, the question I asked as I got it in Uber interview before that was a simple problem-solving question and after implemented the code, he asked me what you will do if this code gonna be a package and you need to put it in production or make it available for people in the company to start using it. What I said exactly as you guys suggested unit testing, try it out with demo apps, apply A\B testing on the demo app or the bundle itself that is configured to expect the usage of that package and some other long talk happened :D.
But in the end I got rejected for that question saying that I didn't answer that question as they expect so I was OMG f**k it.

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It's hard to know what they meant if they didn't give you feedback. Did they give you any context? Maybe they meant stress testing or load testing, maybe the meant fuzzing and so on. Lots of big companies have standardized questions and answers they expect or they just were looking to trick you. You'll probably never know unfortunately. Sorry the interview didn't lead to an offer.

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Ahmad Ra'fat Author

No, they didn't elaborate more even after I asked for more details.
But yes it is fine I was just wondering what exactly they wanted to hear or what even they do inside. Maybe I will ask them that question next time :D.