re: Why Spring MVC is best for Creating RESTful Web Services in Java? VIEW POST


You're a beginner if you don't know the difference between JAX-RS, Jersey and RestEasy... if you use Spring for REST you'll ALWAYS be a beginner. Use the platform, no libraries. JavaEE let's you create a REST endpoint with 1 annotation. Microprofile let's you do patterns easily if you need them (90% of projects don't need circuit-breaker, bulkheads, retries and other popular patterns)


IMO developer experience is the key here.
You know Spring? Use it
You know JakartaEE? Use Microprofile


Microprofile is good but I still see point using Spring MVC for creating RESTful Web Service in Java because you can literally use all your knowledge without spending time and effort to learn a new technology just for REST. If you can its well and good but if you don't have that much time, Spring MVC is better option.

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