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You're a beginner if you don't know the difference between JAX-RS, Jersey and RestEasy... if you use Spring for REST you'll ALWAYS be a beginner. Use the platform, no libraries. JavaEE let's you create a REST endpoint with 1 annotation. Microprofile let's you do patterns easily if you need them (90% of projects don't need circuit-breaker, bulkheads, retries and other popular patterns)


Microprofile is good but I still see point using Spring MVC for creating RESTful Web Service in Java because you can literally use all your knowledge without spending time and effort to learn a new technology just for REST. If you can its well and good but if you don't have that much time, Spring MVC is better option.


IMO developer experience is the key here.
You know Spring? Use it
You know JakartaEE? Use Microprofile

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