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Discussion on: Components are Pure Overhead

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Luis Serrano 🇪🇺

I loved this article! I have been coding websites for over 20 years and I've seen patterns come and go. I've seen problems, the "solutions" to those problems, and how those solutions became a standard somehow. Then those standards grew and grew, their ecosystems became beasts, and at some point the whole thing was totally replaced by something simpler, a new solution. And the whole cycle started again. We're repeating ourselves, and the common remark usually tends to sound nostalgic of the good old times. Has anyone used Visual Basic 6? ASP Components (not current but back in 2001)? The same concept with a different syntax has survived and it's what we're using today, with a lot of goodies and sugar on top.

I wish we all knew the original problems with "HTML and a sprinkle of Javascript", and how did we get from there to today's "standards" were you barely write HTML anymore. It's an interesting transition and if you know why we got here, it's way easier to see through the trends and hypes and find real answers to common problems.

My personal opinion is that small libraries with simple APIs are the way to go, but one way or another they all find their way to overengineering.