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Bravo! I totally feel the same. Specially after being rejected in interviews by devs half my age (with half my experience) because "I don't know enough React" 😂 Anyway I do enjoy React and modern development, but the culture around it is toxic and destructive. It's a competition to always being right (while all the others are wrong), the over-opinionated era where best practices won't last a week. If you blink, everything changes, something new comes up, and all the community go crazy to refactor everything once again to follow the new golden hype. Nobody mentions standards anymore, or semantics, or accessibility... I really suffer from framework/hype fatigue to the point where I don't code anymore. It's just not fun, and not reliable. I don't mind learning but the feeling that what you learn will be obsolete next week is truly discouraging.

Anyway, thanks for putting these words together, someone had to say it!

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