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Discussion on: I failed an interview because of an algorithm

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Real AI

Or just do something like "2.1.0a" becomes " 2 1 0 a", then it will sort correctly.

const sortVersions = (unsortedVersions) => {
  const format = (n) => n.split(/[.a-z]/g).map(c => c.padStart(5)).join("");
  return unsortedVersions.sort((x, y) => {
    return format(x) >= format(y) ? 1 : -1;

sortVersions(['', '1.0.0', '0.5', '0.4.1', '1', '1.1', '1.1a', '2.5.0', '2a', '1.1a-final', '2.5.10', '10.5', '1.25.4', '1.2.15'])

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Danny Engelman

Yes, indeed. Same concept: sort characters.
It also shows why tech interviews are required. You need a balanced team of developers to bounce ideas around like a soccer team bounces the ball around and one person (and the whole team) scores. So Raul was declined the job because:
A. He did not fit in the team (they already have enough people who can't sort)
B. They are a company who only want Guru developers (in which case they will eventually fail, because a team of Guru developers will never ask the "stupid" questions that drive innovation) Its the famous Think Different Apple video. You need misfits in a team.