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Hey! Thanks for your feedback! What you mean about branching strategy? Using, for example, different branches for "documents", "images", etc.?

If that's the case, I had thought about that before and actually that was how I was going to go at first. However after a bit of thinking I quit that idea because it'd eventually make it hard to search files on local system and navigate through directories because I'd have to change from a branch to another every time I needed something different.

Anyway I'd love to hear about your ideas on branching strategy on such system!


You could use branches as an additional partition--so that, for instance, on a personal device you need only check out the personal branch. And on a dual purpose (business and personal) device, you could have two clones, each checked out with a different branch.

Interesting thought... I think I might try out a couple branches "work-in-progress" for only stuff that needs to be focused ...

Or perhaps an "archive" branch to stash stuff that needs to be kept, but don't need it cluttering up an existing workspace ...

Dunno, maybe not .. But this is exciting! I feel like I am going to be all organized now!

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