What's the best blogging platform for my needs?

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My wife wants to start a travel blog. I was wondering what would be the best platform (self-hosted) to set it up in?

Don't particularly want to use wordpress unless someone can convince me 😁

I've done some research, just wondered if anyone had any favourites!

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Maybe you could try some static site generators, like Hugo if you're a GoLang guy, or Gatsby if more of a React one. Deploy it to Netlify and you get an instant simple editor. You would have to teach her some Markdown though.


I did think about something along those lines, wasn't sure about the simplicity though


There is a static generator written in just about every language but you don't actually need to know the implementation language unless you plan to get into its internals.


Looks like Hugo works with a CMS product called forestry as well. Could be good!


You say you don't want to use Wordpress, but who'll be managing the blog predominantly, you or your wife? Do you want to help her with every post, or allow her some autonomy?

I only ask as Wordpress is obviously great for non-developers (I'm assuming she's not a developer) to get their content out there. And with the cheap cost of themes you could get her set up with very little effort from yourself.


My wife will probably only be writing the posts I think. I won't mind helping her.

I wanted to use something different to WordPress as I haven't enjoyed working with it in the past. Plus gives me the opportunity to learn something else!


My suggestion would be to use Ghost. I'm a little bias though.

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