re: Is anyone really using SASS anymore? VIEW POST


I've been using Tailwind along with PostCSS and it's made me really love not using SASS.


I'm just discovering Tailwind and I must admit I didn't get it at first, but it's very powerful and I'm loving it the more I use it :D


You can end up with class soup while making your own components out of it, but you can use PostCSS
(I do in Vue) to create semantic classes for each component, making your components tidier!

Well I'm going to check that bad boy out :D


I used Tailwind only for a few days, and it feels like Bootstrap or Bulma as well, but more fully featured and far more customizable.

I decided to quit, as it is a dependency as well. I prefer Vue SFC with scoped SCSS instead; but this is limited to SFC like Vue or Svelte.

Even when I use Gatsby or React, I prefer @emotion as inline styles, not as styled components, but maybe I am not a proper user of React.

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