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Couldn't agree more! Thanks Ben!

I have use Rails, Laravel & Elixir/Phoenix, and I could say nothing could compare to the productivity that Rails bring to us. And the integration with Javascript like React/Vue, etc make the best of both world.

We basically can create web app with any framework/language, but for my experience when working with Phoenix & Laravel, most of my time was spend on re-invent the wheel on the thing Rails gems had provided us for very long time.

For example, making nested form in Rails is so simple, we don't even have to think, but in Phoenix we have to manually write thing for it, lot of work & effort to mimic Rails nested forms. In Laravel, well I think they don't even know the idea of nested forms.

At the end of the day, only user can decide the success of our web app. I rather choose a framework with high productivity, quick change to user need rather than spend a lot of time (because of our choice of technology) work on a product that nobody want to use because it's take to long to adapt to user need.

I’m Hoang and I am a proud Rails developer.


Yeah the ecosystem in Rails is huge, you rarely don't find a library you need :-)

BTW if you want to elaborate on your experience of using Phoenix professionally I would love to read a post about that. I still say to myself that one day I'll learn Elixir but I never get to it :D

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