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re: Nice app. Your email response did get caught by my spam filter though. One question I've been trying to figure out how to ask concerns...

Ah! Good to know that. I think other email clients have been alright so far, so thanks for letting me know.

I tried to design questions that would get honest (unscripted) answers from an interviewer. There aren't always "right" answers, but they can at least poke holes into the fluff and get to the real details we want. Ageism (and so many other -isms in tech) can be tricky, mainly because people don't always feel comfortable asking direct questions. I think some of the questions under "Team is Diverse" and "Ideal for Parents" might touch on age. Sometimes, we just want to ask if there are "others like me" on the team, and whether we can chat w/ them even though they weren't originally included in the interview schedule.

I will think more about this though. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Frank!

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