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re: πŸ‘Ž Don't ask: β€œIs there work/life balance here?” πŸ‘ Do ask: β€œHow responsive are people to emails/Slack over the weekends and after 6pm?” In my expe...

Discussions around work/life balance are really interesting because people tend to enter the conversation with strong ideas of what it means to them, and rarely consider how others might define it! Ultimately, everything you just said should be discussed openly (rather than two people assuming they're on the same page).

Work/life balance to me means freedom to work when and where I want to. Personally, I'd much rather work 60-hour weeks if I could choose when and where I did those hours, vs. having a strict 9-5. To me, it means blurring the line between professional and personal too. I like when my teammates know about me as a person and not only ask me questions about what I did on the weekend, but support my other interests/passions. It's not for everyone, but I love being friends w/ my coworkers!

Asking the second question here could lead to details like, "We have a few Slack channels that aren't related to work, and people are pretty active on those after 6pm and on weekends. For example, people go climbing together, and go on hikes together on the weekends. They're always organized by different people, family friendly, and open to anyone at the company."

Point is, the goal is to get as much of the "boring" details out in the open, because that's usually where the good stuff is. 😜

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