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re: Thanks for sharing your experiences! As I can totally relate to being bad at idea generation, this post is really inspiring to start writing down i...

Andreas, thank you so much. Re: idea generation, I'm not sure why I'm so bad at it! Some of my friends happen to be "idea people" and spit out ideas constantly. While they're not always engineering related, it's helpful to surround yourself with people who are strong in the areas you are weak. Write all of them down and feel free to share and discuss them with the community!

They're almost certainly not going to be genius, never-before-done ideas so it really only helps to dissect them out in the open :)

Thanks for your support and kind words! Fingers crossed I'll have more to share in the coming weeks/months 😂😂


It's just great to see that there are more people that can't come up with new ideas instantly 😀 - we are not alone! 🙃

Yeah I guess the ideas will be quite bad, but that doesn't matter, I think by just getting the habit of coming up with at least something, we could get more open and mindful for things that may be right before our noses. It's the same with the phrase "scratch your own itch" - yeah I would like to, but apparently there is no itch - not complaining though, I started to write to get a better view on things, which helped a bit.

I hope we will read more of you, have a nice day/evening!

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