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You could distribute this as an NPM package with an executable pudl


As far as I know, she's already working on it for the next release. 😇


This. There are many if not most devs that know how to use curl/git to setup a project, but it seems unnecessary considering we already have tools to distribute and properly manage versions of projects like this.

Anyways, looks cool! Always enjoy seeing Pug around


Considering the limited amount of source files, this could all be packaged as templates then a CLI interface would gather the values necessary to render the templates customized for a new project (project name, authors, description, license, etc.). Using templates removes the dependency on Git even though I believe Git is a dependency of Node so should always be available.

Wonderful idea, how about you reach out and contribute. It's all open source and it's #Hacktoberfest as well. I think she wanted to do just that.


Hey, Esteban!

That's the plan. I am working on the next release and that is going to be in it.

Peace! ✌️

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