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Great post!

I strongly agree that the majority of people hardly use the potential power of the devices they own and the software they have access to. We have to take into consideration that a big part of consumer software isn't doing anything innovative as much as it is putting technology that has existed for years into the hands of people who up to now have been incapable of using it due to lack of technical knowledge.

Think about that pesky Winrar. There's nothing that software does that we cant accomplish for free using open-source tools. What we end up paying for is that UI that wraps all the complicated (yet free) tools that do the actual work.

The fact that Apple is the "in" computer company is evidence that people would rather pay for bells and whistles over functionality. You can get a computer of equal specs for half the price if you plan on running Linux or BSD instead of Mac OSX bloatware but the Mac comes with an artist quality screen and Apple exclusive software (as in yes, please, make me pay extra to get locked in). Most people wouldn't be able to build a better computer if they tried due to lack of knowledge.

Having been born with Linux installed and not owning a Mac until I was already a man, having absolute control over my system and my tools is more important than the flashiness of my window minimizing animation.

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