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Discussion on: Learn a New Language: Ruby or Go?

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Marc Nevin Author

I've heard a lot of people promise Rails as this one-stop-shop for prototyping which is pretty interesting but I think you're right no reason not to try both,

Responses here have highlighted a lot of good points of both that are worth trying out before longer-term ambitions with one!

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Guilherme (Harry)

I mean, there is no "silver bullet" in our industry. That's why there are many languages, architectures, protocols and etc. Each one has its purpose.

Without going further on the subject (that could increase a lot, discuss market, current and future world economy and etc) I think you could think about a project that you could achieve on both languages, as an API that you made on Python to talk to an IoT device.

That way you will be forced to learn about some libraries in both languages and learn the differences, which could even lead to another cool article here. 😉

Also, you say that Ruby doesn't have any local community where you are, I see that as an opportunity to start a study group there. I bet there are many other local programmers that heard about Ruby or Go but don't start anything because they think no one is using locally.

🔥 You could be the local spark bro! 🔥

I think that's it ... code on both, be the spark and keep rocking. 😄

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Marc Nevin Author

That sounds like a solid idea, trying out some of the main libraries and on-device would make a really interesting test of both languages, and like you say... that's post material right there!

Oh sorry - to clarify, there's a bit of a community, but its... not the most positive bunch, they may have changed since I last took a look but both have very small followings here. I do have 2/3 of my meetups subs free... mightn't be a bad idea to try and engage them again,

Thanks for the guidance man!