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Made with Javascript
Made with Javascript

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Pagekit | Made with Javacript | Vue JS

A modern Open Source CMS Intuitive. Modular. Flexible.

Pagekit is a modular and lightweight open source CMS built with Symfony components and Vue JS

Pagekit also has a very detailed documentation that is super helpful for anyone starting on their platform.

Build sites easily

The central place to manage your content is the Site Tree. Set up your menu structure, edit your pages and manage widgets. All in one interface, with simple drag and drop.

All stats in one place

The configurable dashboard provides an overview of your project and allows for quick access to your content. Explore your Google Analytics statistics and track visitors in real-time.

Start blogging now

Pagekit’s blog provides you with the tools to start creating content and to share your stories right away. The built-in comment system allows you to involve your users.

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Made with Javascript

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