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re: I almost done setting up 3. My requirements include switching the monitors (at least two), at least 2 PC's .. it's actually 3 now (2 via USB C, one...

Sounds pretty sick :) I guess the more experience and expertise you get, the more requirements on proper tech comes along with it! You learn and upgrade as you go! :)


TIL you can't get a switch that goes with a 144mhz monitor without spending $500 (and then maybe not). The one I ordered was for a TV and it didn't work (and cost $25). Video cards always send a full frame signal (it seems) and Windows does the scaling to 1080p or whatever (like for a game) and no switch can cope with over 60mhz at over 1080p native resolution .. lots do 4k@60mhz though. Oh well, I'll revert to using the input selector on the monitor itself. I like using FreeSync

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