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Discussion on: I Passed The Google Technical Interviews; You Can Too.

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Madza • Edited

One of the main cornerstones, that later dictates the success of the company, is the hiring and ultimately the people you let in. Many of the companies focus all the resources just to get max profit in production, not focusing enough on step one. Google and other large companies know that, so they invest a lot of money to really filter the best.

With that being said, this would also be a nice insight for people looking to start their businesses or managers looking to improve their hiring process. Nice read, Emma :)

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Aki Seppänen • Edited


Getting only the best of the best of the best with honors leads to a lot of frustration when the ultimate masters of coding have to do the basic grunt work that is 95% of real coding work.

Also having people jump through multiple hoops in their free time is also not a very compelling proposition for a lot of developers. I think it attracts certain types of people and not necessarily always the best of the best.

edit. So maybe my two arguments partly cancel eachother out :)

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