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I fully believe the recruiters doesn't care about the age. What they ultimately care is your efficiency to tackle problems thrown at you, how fast you can pick up the new tech if the need arises and your ability to work within a team.

In freelancing you can even avoid all of 3, if you can find clients with no deadline priorities.


"I fully believe the recruiters doesn't care about the age"
LOL, You havent met many of them, but it also depends on culture/country, if you are in a country that only focuses on money yes ofc, you are right, in rich social democracies like Western Europe, things are a bit different. HR are social justice warriors.
But in countries Switzerland, USA, they only give a shit about how good you are.


In the last 10 years I've never seen a resume with an age on it. We remove them if they are listed to ensure that no one would reject at that stage. Of course, it doesn't stop unconscious bias at the interview stage - for that our HR interview the interviewer to assess how clear they are about one candidates advantages over another to try to reduce it.

Anyone interviewing for our company knows to not ask questions like "Do you have kids?" or any related home circumstance questions so that we don't accidentally use that information to differentiate one recruit from another.

Makes no sense at all, and its a bit virtue signalling. you can always deduce someones age by looking at graduation dates and oldest entries in their resume quite easily.

Given the age strata of our workforce it seems to work for us. Perhaps the "virtue signalling" of doing it sends a message to the interviewers.

Hints dont work in my experience , incentives do..btw..Initial conditions are just as important as operating procedure, (was the company diverse to begin with?) also incentives to HR are important (bonus system for finding successfull candidate) the latter works marvels for our company.

It's a fair point, I guess it's happened in two businesses that I've built from the ground up and then one that I've joined that was already established. It is reasonably normal to remove ages/ethnicity and even names from applications to avoid bias in our market, not something we thought of, but a common practice.

I reflected on your point about working out ages, it's certainly something I've reasoned on my fingers before. Usually before an interview though, rather than at the candidate resume review phase.

Our HR team run a series of training programmes on unconscious bias and interview technique, you might be right that it's pointless, I don't have good other references to compare it to or a "before state" either, but it doesn't seem to be hurting.


Well Clearly HR is the first step to pass first. If HR see u too old for the job then that is a big no.

Giangvincent, like i said, age is not that of an issue if it is a highly competative environment, try to get this point. Mitigated capitalist systems (rich Western Europe social democracies) the can indulge in weird selection criteria. The are not as much under Darwinistic pressures, ( NB: i dint say zero)

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