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Is it worth to cross-post on Medium in 2020?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Lately, I've seen people prefer to post here on DEV, personal blogs, and targeted platforms like Hashnode.

What is your experience of using Medium as a blogging platform?
What engagement levels have you experienced there? Is it worth to cross-post on Medium to get a wider reach?


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It's complicated.

  • Medium is a bad platform for developers, is bad since the beginning and is worse each year
  • Still there are lots of people there, why not cross-posting
  • If you cross-post, do it in a publication with lots of subscribers, else it's uselss
  • If you cross-post, do it in a way where you avoid the damn paywall
  • Avoiding the damn paywall is difficult

At the end of 2019, I published four articles, I let you guess which one I didn't publish in a publication

Recently I published two articles under the same publications, didn't get that many views. Medium seem on a big decline for developer content, that' good so.

As a reader, I absolutely hate the paywall. I had this article in my reading list, How to write a Gradle plugin in Kotlin. A 15 minutes article about a very technical open-source thing, and now it's not available, the content is lost for most people. I'm pretty sure that's not what the author intended.

TL:DR Medium seems dying, I hope it will continue so, if you cross-post on it, be sure to be allied with a good publication, nobody can fight Medium on its own.


I stopped cross posting some time now. I don't like medium from user perspective. I have some posts there and the second I read someone else's articles, I get - pay, pay, pay.


Thanks for the insight in the stats πŸ™β€


I personally stopped cross-posting on medium, the main reason was that medium format is not plain markdown and that makes it harder for me, I post create my posts in my personal blog on GitHub using Jekyll and I automatically import them to dev.to.


Clean looking UI in the blog, btw πŸ‘βœ¨πŸŽ¨


Medium is in decline even freecodecamp abandoned the platform and started their own blog. I have not posted on there since 2018. I just went over to Medium clicked on one article and got the message "This is your last free story this month. Upgrade for unlimited access.". So bye Medium you won't be missed. I am only cross posting on dev and hashnode.


I put just the link there. I don't get this simple concept

Content Creators - Writing content for free
Content Readers - Need to pay to read

Just why?

hashnode and diff.blog is doing better job for techies but for non tech people. It can work well.

You can do lots of great stuff with their APIs, cross-posting being just one of them... Tho, you might need to fine-tune the header image res (might differ between the two), check if there are no elements that are specifically designed just for a single platform (like specific embeds and series tags), and probably double-check the layout on articles with lots of styling (tables, code blocks, etc) once in a while still πŸ˜‰


I'm not a big poster but I stopped reading on Medium and anecdotally hear the same from many others.


I just post here on DEV and load it through the API on my own website.


Paywall is real pain-in-ass for readers. Main reason why I uninstall the app and just use dev.to


Do you cross-post manually or use the APIs of DEV and Hashnode?


I create the posts in my own personal website and import them to dev.to ad-hoc