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Discussion on: Daily Coding Problem #1

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mæghith | Ramón FSM

So… you are saying that having very big sequence of empty space is a problem.

Can you explain why is that a problem?

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Serhii Sakal

There no such a big problem now,
it just my opinion,

but as suggested my friend
anyway, it's better using new Map || new Set for better performance.

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Tiago Romero Garcia • Edited on

Here is my O(N) solution using Set:

function doTwoNumbersSumUpToK(list, k) {
    const visitedNumbers = new Set();
    for (let number of list) {
        if (visitedNumbers.has(k-number)) {
            return true;
    return false;
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Adi biton

You should move line:

after the if clause (otherwise the sums like 4+4=8 will be counted)

A compare i made for the Set vs HashTable