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re: What one should know about VIM before starting to use it? VIEW POST


I've been using vim for a few months now and it did take me a few weeks before I can start working on it. So the following tips/steps are my suggestions.

  1. Go through a tutorial: Any forms of tutorial is a nice start. My favorite is vimtutor which is already included in vim. Other Worthy mentions are openvim and vim-adventures
  2. Download a vim-mode extension for your current editor/IDE. This will help you slowly ease into vim's workflow. The plus side to this is that you can always turn the extension off if you must get something done.
  3. Once you are fairly efficient, you'll start up vim and quickly learn that the raw naked vim is not fun to use. The great thing about being a vim user is that you get to customize this editor to any way you like via .vimrc. I'd recommend you pick one vim plug manager(I personally love vim-plug) and the following two vim extension as a must-have.
  4. That's kind of it. You'll start to seek out the ideal plug-in that you'll want and learn more about vim as you go. You may even make a big leap and switch to a vim's variant like MacVim or NeoVim.

A few don'ts

  • Don't completely switch to vim without basic knowledge, it can negatively impact your efficiency.
  • Don't just take a dotfile online and use it without understanding what it contains. It will be overwhelming and certain configuration may not suits you.
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