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Discussion on: The Modern Hybrid App Developer

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Elio Maggini

I just can't get excited about capacitor due to changes to the work flow. With "ionic cordova run" it is simple to run a project from the command line. With capacitor I've got to have either xCode or Android Studio open and run the project for there. That is a huge step backwards IMO. Also, the ecosystem just isn't as mature as cordova. The Ionic Enterprise plugins are a happy middle ground. For our enterprise apps, we decided Capacitor simply wasn't ready for the prime time. I'm really hoping cordova does not become a second class citizen in the Ionic framework. It would be a real loss. And thinking of Capacitor as "Electron for mobile" ??? huhhhh...wasn't Electron just bumped back to beta because of all the issues?....well then again...guess I DO agree with that statement ;-)