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I cannot believe you've never used UML.

Didn't you read the "Design Patterns", by GoF? It is full of UML diagrams.

Didn't you generate a documentation from code, using Doxigen or similar? It generates the UML class relationships.

Didn't you use MySQL Workbench or similar software? It shows the relationship between tables like UML Classes.

Haven't you explained something with a flow diagram? Sure it is very similar to UML diagrams.

Really, UML is just to standarize some kind of usual charts to give a common language for everyone. Maybe you are not able to create one without any mistake, but surelly you can read an UML diagram.

For example, it may be cool to describe a pattern, like the Abstract Factory (sourcemaking.com/design_patterns/a...), or a workflow represented by an Activity Diagram, or Use Cases to show the desired behavior, etc.

I suggest you to try plantuml (plantuml.com) to start explaining your presentations, and surely you will learn how to use it quickly.

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